Anahata is located in the municipality of Hagfors (province of Värmland) in a four-hectare natural garden and is enclosed by beautiful Swedish forests on the one hand and by Lake Knon on the other. So if you love nature, you’ve come to the right place! The following activities can be practiced on and around the terrain or in the immediate vicinity.


Lake Knon is a fifteen kilometer long lake with endless banks full of conifers, rocks and natural vegetation. Discover by kayak the various islands, winding coves and stunning views. If you want, you can dock your kayak somewhere on the way and enjoy a picnic, read a book or rest on the shore. In Sweden you are free to go wherever you want, as long as you respect nature and don’t bother anyone. This also means that you are free to camp in nature, so if you want, you can make your kayak trip a multi-day excursion!


Anahata offers over two hundred meters of coastline on the shores of Lake Knon. This lake is spotless, you can even drink the water, but of course you can also swim in it. At the moment there is already a small pebble beach with sunbeds, but in the spring of 2021 we will also build a solid swimming pier more closely to the houses.

Ice skating

In winter time it can get very cold in Värmland and there is often a thick blanket of snow. Most lakes in the immediate vicinity (including our own lake Knon) freeze over, so you can ice skate for miles.

Camping / campfire

There are plenty of possibilities to camp in nature on our own grounds. Alongside a natural stream there is even a hidden hiker’s hut where you can spend the night. If there is enough enthusiasm for nature camping, perhaps in the future a sanitary building and / or composting toilet will be built.

At the waterside there is also an atmospheric fire place. In summer time you can enjoy the campfire and each other’s company until late in the evening, possibly accompanied by guitar playing or other music.

Activities in the area


In the Värmland forests you can walk for hours. The municipality of Hafgors alone has 200 kilometers of hiking trails! The hiking trails lead you not only along vast forests, but also along waterfalls, rocks, ravines and many waters. Let the Swedish nature surprise you!

Mountain biking

You can also explore the area on your mountain bike. Many smaller roads are extremely quiet and unpaved, so you can mountain bike for hours undisturbed and at the same time enjoy the beautiful nature.

Skiing / snowboarding

In winter, the province of Värmland has several popular ski areas where you can affordably enjoy an afternoon of skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing.

About an hour’s drive away are the ski resorts Hovfjället – Torsby (11 km of slopes at an altitude of 403 to 542 meters), Branäs (23 km of slopes at an altitude of 152 to 567 meters) and Sunne (7 km of slopes at an altitude of 125 to 390 meters).

Closer by is the small ski resort of Ekesberget, where you can have fun on a 2 km long slope at an altitude of 200 to 310 meters.